How can i get the tags removed from the beats?

To get the untagged version of a beat, purchase either a basic, pro, premium or unlimited license. See Licensing Info for more information on the differences between the license types. If you have any further questions just contact us.

What purchasing options are there and what’s the difference between those?

All information about licensing terms can be read by clicking “License” tab.

I want to use the beat for non-profit use only, do i have to purchase a lease?

Yes. The lease allows you to use the beat. The demo downloads are meant for demo/private use only. If you end up liking the song and are looking to release it, whether it’s for free or for sale, you must purchase a lease.

I purchased a beat but didn’t receive a download link.

Please check your spam folder for messages from „Beatstars“. Your downloads are instantly delivered to the e-mail address you entered at checkout. If it so happens that you don’t have access to that email address anymore, send an email to along with all of your information including the order number and the PayPal address so we can resend the order to the right email address.

What is difference between WAV, MP3 and STEM files?

An MP3 file is a compressed audio file. To compress the file, audio quality is sacrificed. Compression can sometimes result in odd audio ‘artefacts’ that are detrimental to audio quality, particularly to higher frequencies. This audio inaccuracy means that MP3s are not suitable for pro audio work. A WAV file is an accurate, lossless format. This means that the format reproduced the recording accurately without losing audio quality due to the format itself. As a result, for studio recordings, mastering, and pro-audio applications, WAVs are an excellent format to work in. Tracked out WAV STEM files by definition are sounds in a beat that have been singled out and placed in individual files. Beats usually have different instruments and drums etc. We take each one from the track and place it alone in its own file. Thats ideal for professional artists who get their songs professionally mixed and mastered.

Whats payment methods are accepted?

We accept Paypal, major credit cards and bank-transfers. If you have a credit/debit-card or funds on your paypal-account, you can purchase beats through the paypal-shopping-cart on our beatstore.

I still got questions.

Please contact us by using the contact form here.

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